In 2015, NACDD, in coalition with Optum, released The Art of Impact, an e-book written by self-advocates, for self-advocates.

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“[Self-advocacy] has taught me a lot about myself and shown me some strengths and weaknesses I have. It’s given me a purpose in life, a way to ‘pay it forward’ by helping and serving my peers with disabilities.” -Shiloh Blackburn
“At times it can be hard to self-advocate at work for something I might need to make my job easier.… Sometimes it takes a co-worker to up on my behalf.” -Sandy Houghton
“I believe that all people with disabilities should have the same opportunities as everyone else. All my life, I was always given the opportunity to do something for myself. I’ve always made my own choices.” -Monica Cooper
“Self-advocacy means knowing who you are, showing who you are, and defending who you are. [I’m a] fighter and will never back down if I know something [is] not right.” -Santa Perez