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2020 NACDD Board of Directors Announced

NACDD is excited to announce the new names that will be joining the NACDD Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2020!

First, we’d like to say thank you to current Board President Shannon Buller (WY), who will be completing her tenure at the end of the fiscal year and transitioning to the nonvoting role of Immediate Past President. We are extremely grateful to Shannon for her outstanding leadership, and we are fortunate that the Board will still be able to rely on her advice and experience as they move forward.

We’d also like to thank our departing at-large directors: Toni Brinegar (ID), Kristin Britton (MA), and Mitzi Proffitt (GA). All three have contributed greatly to NACDD’s successes over their terms on the board, and we are extremely thankful for all of the extra hours and hard work they put in for the sake of the board.

At the 2019 NACDD General Assembly, our voting members elected a mixture of experienced and new Board leadership as well as three new at-large directors. Current Vice President Steve Gieber (KS) will be taking over as the Board President, and current Treasurer Dan Shannon (MA) will move into the Vice President role. In addition, we’d like to welcome new Treasurer Julie Horntvedt (ND) as well as new at-large directors Kim Mercer (IL), Santa Perez (NV), and Eric Stoker (UT). Welcome to all, and we look forward to a great year ahead!

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