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Sheryl Matney, EdD

Director of Technical Assistance

Sheryl joined NACDD in 2007. Prior to joining NACDD, she implemented programs for Gentiva Health Services, Alabama Department of Mental Health and the US Department of Agriculture. Sheryl previously served as the Executive Director of the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities (1999-2002) and was the Partners in Policymaking Coordinator (1994-1999). Sheryl has served as a consultant to the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and other state agencies as well as co-founded a local non-profit organization that administered grants and contracts for social service agencies. Sheryl is the parent of two adult children, the youngest lives with developmental disabilities. Sheryl received her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership in 2015, holds a Master’s degree in Human Services and a B.S. in Business Administration. In addition, Sheryl is a Board Certified Human Services Practitioner (HS-BCP). (202)506-5813 ext. 148
Sheryl Matney
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