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Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Initiative

NACDD believes that people with disabilities have a valuable role to play as active citizens of the communities in which they live.  Their involvement builds personal connections in the community, helps to break down misconceptions about people living with developmental disabilities and enables them to contribute back to their community as civic volunteers and partners.  Using person-centered, community-centered and purposeful learning approaches that are not currently part of the field of developmental disabilities will lead to systemic change in the civic engagement process at the local level.

One Vote Now Initiative

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The concept of “One Person, One Vote” is central to the ideal of democracy in the United States. However, people with disabilities are historically underrepresented among voters. One Vote Now was created to encourage, facilitate, and empower people with disabilities and those who support them, to vote!

One Vote Now is here to help make sure you can exercise your right to vote because nothing should block your ability to participate in our democracy. Elections should be equally accessible for all Americans—including the disability community. Elections are fairer when they represent all of us. 

A man on a wheelchair with a white polo gives a thumbs up next to a woman, wearing a brown cardigan with a tan tank top. Next to them, there is a yellow block. In the middle of the picture, a white block with red letters and a blue divider that says "" and "Everyone should be included in our elections."

One Vote Now was founded to help all people with disabilities understand their rights as voters. One Vote Now seeks to improve the voting representation of people with disabilities by encouraging voter registration and providing information about voting opportunities and resources on polling place accessibility. One Vote Now also seeks to help provide information and education so that more people with disabilities will run for public office.

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COVID-19 Resources

Many people with developmental disabilities are at a higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 (the coronavirus). DD Councils have been playing an important role in helping to share important and timely information from our government health agencies to individuals in their communities.

NACDD strongly recommends that you contact your state or territory DD Council for outbreak information specific to your community.

What is COVID-19? Why is it important? Read this plain-language guide from the Green Mountain Self-Advocates and the Vermont DD Council.

We also have a short list of COVID-19 federal agency resource pages. Most of these pages are being updated daily with new information created directly by government health officials, so we consider these pages to be the most accurate sources of information currently available. Please email if you know of more resources that you think should be included.

Guidance for Direct Service Providers, Caregivers, Parents, and People with Developmental and Behavioral Disorders

Guidance for Direct Service Providers

People with Developmental and Behavioral Disorders

Guidance for Group Homes for Individuals with Disabilities

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