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DD Councils are funded through the federal appropriations process.  Specifically, they are allocated funding through the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) under the US Department of Health and Human Services. NACDD works to protect and enhance the funding of the DD Councils so that they can continue to promote the self-determination, independence, productivity, integration and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.

Protecting Funding for Fiscal Year 2016!

NACDD has been meeting with members of Congress to discuss the important work that DD Councils are doing throughout the country. DD Councils serve a key role as generators of outstanding programs and innovative solutions that help fully include people with DD in their communities.  In addition, they serve as a key adviser to policymakers on issues important to people with intellectual developmental disabilities.

Here is a history of requests made by NACDD to continue funding the DD Councils and the actual amount that was allocated.

FY2012: NACDD request was $75 million. Actual allocation was $74,774,000.
FY2013: NACDD request was $75 million. Actual allocation was $70,661,000.
FY2014: NACDD request was $75 million. Actual allocation was $70,876,000.
FY2015: NACDD request was $75 million. Actual allocation was $71,700,000.
FY2016: NACDD request is $76 million. Actual allocation was $73,600,000.
FY2017: NACDD request is $76 million. President’s request was $73,000,000.


Partnership Spotlight

56953c845d333b354a8433ac_budget-coalition-health-funding_1NACDD is a member of the Coalition for Health Funding (CHF) and its larger affiliate NDD United.  CHF is the oldest and largest nonprofit alliance working to preserve and strengthen public health investments in the best interest of all Americans.  Given sequestration, these programs have suffered from losses in appropriations and resources.

To educate federal policymakers on the impact of cuts, CHF issued “Faces of Austerity: How Budget Cuts Hurt America’s Health.” NACDD contributed to the report, featuring two DD Councils and stories about how further cuts will impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities.