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Leadership Spotlight

Be bold in leading the quality of life that you desire for yourself and your family;
And do it full of purpose, direction and intent.”

– Mat McCollough, Executive Director, District of Columbia DD Council; President, NACDD Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Officers – FY 2017

President: Mat McCollough, Executive Director, DC
Vice President: Shannon Buller, Executive Director, WY
Secretary: Steve Gieber, Executive Director, KS
Treasurer: Dan Shannon, Executive Director, MA
Immediate Past President: Molly Cole, Executive Director, CT

At-Large Directors

Kristin Britton, Deputy Director/Director of Public Policy, MA
Adonis Brown, Council Vice Chair, NC
Joana Cordry, Staff Member, TX
Vicky Davidson, Executive Director, MO
Charles Hughes, Executive Director, MS
Aaron Kaufman, Council Member, MD
Heidi Lawyer, Executive Director, VA

Committee Leadership

Audit Committee

Chair: Shannon Buller, Executive Director, WY

Finance Committee

Chair: Dan Shannon, Executive Director, MA

Member Services Committee

Chair: Valarie Bishop, Executive Director, SC

Public Policy Committee

Chair: Kristin Britton, Deputy Director/Director of Public Policy, MA

Self-Advocacy Committee

Chair: Nancy Cronin, Executive Director, ME

Strategic Communications Committee

Interim Chair: Angela Castillo-Epps, Staff, ITACC/NACDD